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My Privilege


I took Z for a run the other day…. and he “caught some zzzzzz’s” by the time it was over.
As I went to get him out, I couldn’t help but pause and realize that so many miss out on this. Our culture as a whole says kids are a “burden” (at least “too many kids” can be a burden, they say.) But when I look at him… I don’t see a “burden.” Instead I see my greatest PRIVILEGE.
Living selfishness only gets a person so far. Sure there might be fun times now if we live however we want to. But living unselfishly…. loving, serving, raising these precious children who will one day grow into adults… this has lasting impact that goes way beyond me. I’m not simply raising CHILDREN… I’m raising future adults, spouses, parents, bosses, servants (in the image of Jesus). These are ETERNAL human beings that will one day birth other ETERNAL human beings. WOW!
I need this perspective, especially on days like today.
Young children need so much time, attention, encouragement and correcting. Some days (for this only-child-turned-busy-mom) it’s A LOT to handle. Then I remember that these little sweet but tough children will not always be children. They will grow up to be my friends, even more than they are now. They will grow up to lead many others to Jesus Christ. They will guide their children (hopefully even better!) like I’m guiding them.
They are my privilege, but it’s my choice to see it that way or not.